Naomi Duerr for Reno City Council Ward 2

I’m running because I want a government that functions, and functions well. Even with plenty of places where people don’t agree on all of the details, everyone at least believes that government should work.

To move forward, we need leaders who can think outside the box, bring people together to overcome their differences and actually get big things done.

These are big times, or they can be. As we move out of the recession we can be one of the winners of comebacks and reinvention, or one that just muddles along. I know which I want Reno to be.

I have had great success as a business owner and a public servant, helping to build consensus for important projects that create jobs and improve our quality of life. I have always tried to live up to my last name and be a “do-er.”

I hope you will give me the chance to work for you on the Reno City Council.

Contact Me

1680 Greenfield Drive
Reno, NV 89509