Build on Our Strengths

We live in a great place. We need to celebrate and support our current residents and home-grown businesses. We should strategically target the individuals, communities and companies who are naturally inclined to love what we have, and get them here. We need to focus on getting the conventions, sporting expos, and relocation or expansion interest of people who will appreciate being here, not just target big names looking for handouts and tax breaks.
We have great people, a vibrant arts community and business community, impressive start up energy, and excellent commercial transportation features like our international airport, Interstate Highway, and rail systems. We have truly unique and special attributes, such as our Tier 1 University, mountain and desert terrain, unparalleled recreational opportunities, and boundless sunshine. We should do everything we can to play to these fantastic strengths, and focus less on trying to be other cities and other communities. We are Reno, and Reno is a great place.