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I first came to Reno when I was 20 to visit my father who had moved here after a brief visit. Like him, and many visitors to Reno, I came, I was wowed, I fell in love, and have made it my home.

I came for a visit, ready to return to college back east at the end of the summer. I was so taken with Nevada, though, that I wanted to stay. Since I was a geology major, my father suggested I go see the Dean of the School of Mines at the university about a late admission. This was a foreign concept to me, after the east coast elitism of college applications.

Much to my surprise, I was able to get a meeting with the Dean. He talked with me, asked me about my grades and scores and goals. At the end of the meeting he said “I believe in you” and admitted me to the university on the spot, assuming my paperwork backed me up when I got it to him.

The Dean of the Mackay School of Mines took a chance on me. Over the years, I hope I have earned that Dean’s faith in me. I’ve built a very successful business here, together with my husband of 25 years, Herb. Our company has pumped millions into the Nevada economy in the good years. We have also struggled through lean years, and know intimately what many other businesses and individuals have faced throughout this recession.

I’ve served the community as the Nevada State Water Planner, as Director of the Truckee River Flood Management Project, and on the boards of the Mackay School of Mines, DRI, the Nevada Diabetes Association, the Ward 2 Neighborhood Advisory Board, and many others. And all because of one fateful trip to Reno, and meeting a man, the Dean, who trusted and believed in me.

Why I Ran the First Time:
I ran for Reno City Council (and was elected) for the first time in 2014. I thought we needed someone who could build consensus and get things done, a “do-er.”

As the State Water Planner, I worked to develop the first state water plan in 25 years. This wasn’t easy – this is the West after all, where “whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting,” as they say – but the plan got a standing ovation during a joint session of the legislature, when Democrats controlled one house and Republicans the other.

As Executive Director of the Truckee River Flood Project, I managed to get local governments to come together to sign a joint powers agreement, and achieved more than 600 unanimous votes during my six years there. We secured millions in funding and contributions, finished four major construction projects, and developed many more, some of which are about to begin. These are projects that will not only help prevent costly flooding but will also put hundreds of people to work.

I believe the Reno City Council needs this kind of get-things-done experience and attitude. That’s why I’ve decided to run.

Honored to kick off today's City of Reno #GreenBuilding Workshop! Thank you to the city's Sustainability staff, Suzanne Linfante & Lynne Barker & Governor Sisolak's Office of Energy (Laura Wickham and Robin Yochum) for their leadership. Impressed w/# of supportive bills passed by #NVLeg in 2019! ...

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Privileged to welcome the 2019 class of 80 #Fulbright scholars from all over the world to Reno today at the University of Nevada-Reno! Introduced them to the #BiggestLittleCity in all its amazingness!

Many were inspired - including both mentors and students - when I played the 4 minute film "Whispers" (produced by Paul Klein and Alphonse Polito at Three Sticks for the 2018 TedX) as part of my welcome. If you haven't seen it, check it out! youtu.be/JtZsIlU5b4I

Huge props to the UNR International Center for being selected as the first stop in the USA for these students - out of dozens of cities that applied - and for putting their heart and soul into this work. Of note, three students will be staying in Reno to complete their work while the rest scatter to Universities across the country. #FulbrightGateway2019
With Diana Aliu, Vivek Grewal, Fatima Sayeh and Carlos Quintero

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2 months ago

Naomi Duerr - Reno City Councilmember

Macy loved getting to know the Reno Police Department K-9 Unit - Officer Schwartz and his pal Rone - today at the 2019 #ArtPaws! ...

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2 months ago

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The pedestrian crossing sign at Comstock Park at Carat! The lower speed limit, also! Thank you to you and the city council for getting that done! ...

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3 months ago

I frequently pass Comstock Park. This morning a man waited to cross while at least 5 cars passed, without stopping to allow him to cross. In Monrovia, CA they have stands of light weight flags that pedestrians can take, use to cross the street, and the deposit it in bin on the opposite side of the street. It is in expensive, and does the job. ...

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